The 10 Best Video Gaming Deals For Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is in full swing, though in most ways it’s already been in full swing for weeks. The video game world is not exactly shy about the crush of the holiday season, and retailers, console manufacturers, developers and online store owners have been pushing a wild morass of discounts basically since the beginning of the month, and they’ll keep doing so for some time. And yet there are still special deals to be had only on Black Friday, and there’s also a pleasant ritual about the biggest day of spending that American society has to offer, everyone soaked in stuffing and red wine and trudging through the cold to stretch their gifting dollars as far as they’ll go, grabbing that one item they’ve had their eye on all year.

There’s plenty to work with in the world of video games, from hardware to software and accessories and more. You could probably get away with only buying games on Black Friday every year and still have more to play than you could get through before the next one rolls around.

We’ve been doing plenty of other Black Friday coverage at Forbes, so check out my page for more deals. But for right now we’re casting a broad net. Here are the 11 best deals in video gaming for Black Friday 2018.

God of War.Credit: Sony

God of War, $25, multiple retailers: God of War is the best game of 2018, and it’s a must play for fans of axe-swinging action on PS4. First-party titles often have some of the most generous discounts, and this is some of the best $25 you can spend.