5 ways India empowering education with foregien univeristy partnerships

Here are 5 ways Indian institutes are empowering education in collaboration with foreign universities:

Here are 5 ways Indian institutes are empowering education in collaboration with foreign universities:

Education is a matter of prominent interest as well as concern in India. People are realising the importance of advanced education and preferring the same instead of the conventional one. Acknowledging this shift in the consumer’s intent, the Indian Education system is revamping itself, and various institutes have, or, are revamping their curriculum.

The government has also been supporting numerous schemes and initiatives for bringing up equal educational opportunities at par with international standards for the young aspirants. Collaboration with foreign academic institutes is the prime step that helps Indian institutes to empower education.

Partnerships with foreign universities

Since 2016, there has been constant amplification in the number of partnerships with international universities because AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and UGC (University Grants Commission) issued guidelines in 2016 to increase synergies between Indian and Foreign Universities.

Foreign universities and institutes from multiple countries such as Canada, England, Australia, Netherlands, USA, and many more have already collaborated with Indian institutes and universities. The collaboration interest level of many international institutes is increasing day by day.

Study abroad.

Here are 5 ways Indian institutes are empowering education in collaboration with foreign universities:

International Education at Low Cost

The shift towards jointly developing MOOCs and e-learning content, with partner institutions abroad along with webinars by their prominent faculties, has become a convenient and low-cost option for institutes.

These, combined with the regular curriculum helps the students who cannot afford to travel abroad. For them, this mixed education pedagogy is the best option to have the best of both worlds.

The e-learning programs also facilitate learning from home even after working at a general shift job.

Worldwide Exposure

Several institutes provide semester exchange programs, summer and winter school and scholarships that help Indian students gain some exposure worldwide by travelling to different countries.

This brings in a new perspective that broadens the horizons and helps Indian students in widening their networking; both personally and professionally. This networking becomes very useful in times to come.

Global exposure has become a very important aspect of today’s education system.

Innovative Curriculum and Value-Added Courses

Many Indian institutes get the freedom of designing their curriculum as per international standards, which help them to offer a varied array of specialisations and subjects.

Which is done in conjunction with their partnering institutions abroad. This helps the Indian students to receive high-end training, at par with global standards.

Opportunity to Learn from International Faculty

Many Institutes invite faculty from foreign countries to conduct classes in India. The students get a chance to interact with foreign faculties and learn from different perspectives.

The faculties of both worlds connect and decide the pedagogy so that students can learn the best.

Faculty Empowerment through training

Many Indian Institutions are investing in the development of their faculties by making them attend training programmes and workshops conducted by faculty members of their partnering institutions from abroad.

This helps the Indian faculties to enrich their understanding of regional and global issues. Which in turn gets translated into their class, thereby enriching the learning of their students.

Many faculties are also invited to deliver classes in foreign universities as a part of the exchange pact. Which too empowers education of the students at home.