These 6 Exercise Items Will Help You Kick-Start Your Fitness Resolutions

It’s all you need to start 2018 on a fit note

It’s all you need to stay motivated through the year

The new year is here, which means so are your resolutions. While they seemed exciting to pledge in December, it’s not quite the same when January rolls around. The most popular new year’s resolution over the world is getting fit and losing weight; which is why zumba classes, pilates sessions and gyms all see a rise in memberships at the beginning of the year.

However the trick to achieving your fitness resolution isn’t in starting, it’s in maintaining it; which, cosy blankets, winter mornings and delicious meals always seem to come in the way of. To nudge it along and keep you motivated while doing so, these 6 exercise items can go a long way.

1. Well-fitting running shoes

Running shoes are a lot like jeans – one size doesn’t fit all and it will take plenty of trial to find that coveted pair that fit like a dream. When purchasing your pair, don’t go by brands, celebrity ambassadors or gimmicks. Look for shoes with a flexible sole, comfortable fit and snug body with socks. Avoid shoe trials at the end of the day since feet are most swollen at that time.

2. Fitness Trackers

You may scoff at fitness trackers being “just another lifestyle trend” but they’re much more than that. Not only are fitness trackers ideal to assist you when you work out, they also encourage you to stay active all day long by tracking your steps, calories and heart rate. With an array of trackers available from Fitbit, Jawbone, Xiomi and Fastrack in colours and straps for every look, once you get one, there’s really no going back.

3. Exercise Equipment

While it’s simple to start off your fitness resolution with no-equipment required workouts like planks and runs, you can step it up with exercise equipment. Get hold of a skipping rope, pilates ball, free weights and a foam roller to add a little something extra to your routine, even if you’re working out at home.

4. Active Wear

Wearing the right clothes isn’t about looking like Deepika Padukone in a fitness campaign. It’s about wearing comfortable clothing that’s supportive enough to allow flexibility when working out. A well-fitting sports bra, comfortable underwear, tights that encourage movement, and sweat-preventing t-shirts tops the list of active wear to add to your list.

5. Measured bottle

You’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear it again. Water is essential for daily functioning, even more so when you work out because you lose so much of it in the form of sweat. To replenish, alway keep a water bottle with measurements by your side. It’ll help you tank up while keeping you aware of how close you are to your water goals.

6. Fitness App

While many fitness trackers come with their own fitness app, if yours doesn’t, it’s about time you downloaded one. A fitness app will help keep track of the energy you’re using up, the distance you’re completing, and even help you engage in some friendly competition with friends — always an excellent motivator.