AI will offer every child ‘an Eton education’

Sir Anthony Seldon says the British education system is underprepared for the 21st century

Artificial intelligence will soon provide an “Eton education” for all children, allowing every school pupil to learn from their own personalised device rather than from a classroom teacher, a former headmaster has said.

Sir Anthony Seldon, now vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, was head at Brighton College and Wellington College. He said that the education system in Britain was well suited to the 20th century but is vastly underprepared for the 21st century and the “revolution” that has already begun through artificial intelligence.

Giving each pupil a computer or tablet in the classroom could provide “one-on-one learning individualised to the needs of every child in every subject and developed to suit that child’s learning”, Sir Anthony said. He was discussing his book The Fourth