Another mobile theft in the city

Mobile theft is on the rise in the city. Once again expensive mobiles have been stolen from a mobile shop.

The city is being robbed off expensive mobiles continuously. This time, too, expensive mobiles have been stolen from yet another shop at Chetak Circle. Mobiles worth 4 lakh rupees were stolen on late Monday night from a shop at Chetak Circle. The thieves also cleared away 32 thousand rupees in cash from the shop. Bhojraj s/o Khemchand has reported the theft in Hathipole police station.

As per the report, Bhojraj closed down the shop at night as usual and left for home. Tuesday morning when he opened the shop’s shutter, he saw a big hole in the wall of his shop. Things inside the shop were scattered here and there. He said that there is an empty ground behind his shop where a hostel is being constructed.

CCTV footage

Probably the thieves entered from the ground side and broke the wall to enter the shop. The thieves can be seen in the CCTV footage. This is the 4thincident of mobile theft in the city in last three months. Modus operandi is also the same but police have not yet succeeded in arresting the thieves. Expensive mobiles worth lakhs of rupees have been stolen till now from shops at BN College road and Udiapole areas.

The only fact that has been noted so far is that thieves are targeting only the expensive range of mobiles and LED TV as well. Till now, no other accessories have been even touched in all these incidents. Only expensive mobiles have been stolen but the mobile boxes have been left in the shops. Last month, one of the mobile shops was robbed off twice and only the expensive stuff was taken away. It is very surprising that police have not been able to get hold of any of the culprits.