Audi ready to bring an electric car to India by 2020

Audi has said that it is ready to bring an electric car to India by 2020 as a part of its future strategy for the market. The company is already on track to introduce the EV globally by 2020 and could bring it here.

However, the condition is that there must be infrastructure by that time to support an EV network in India. This would means charging and support facilities on the scale of what is offered for petrol and diesel engines currently. The creation of such facilities, Audi has said, would make it feasible for it to bring its EV technology to India.

On Audi’s part, this would include re-alignment of dealers and production facilities to support the electric vehicles. Earlier, this year, Audi had announced that it would have three electric vehicles in its global lineup by 2020. They are currently being developed under its e-tron moniker.

This move by Audi has no doubt been aided by a global shift in goals by parent company, Volkswagen, with regard to production of electric vehicles. Also adding to their change in direction is, of course, an announcement by the Indian government, earlier this year, about making the Indian car market fully electric by 2030. It also indicates that Audi is pretty serious about getting electric cars to India and does not see it as just something that would be a special addition to their portfolio.

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