7 Tips and Tricks that Can Help you Play the Most Popular Video Game ‘Fortnite’

Not only is Fortnite the best game in the world, but it is also free for everyone. You can play video games anywhere you possibly can: you can download it for free for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, but also for iOS. Are coming soon to Android too

The essence of “Fortnite Battle Royale” is simple: it brings 100 players to an island in a shrinking “safe zone“. We scatter weapons and special items all over the island. The goal is to be the last person.

“Fortnite Battle Royal” may sound simple, but in reality, it is a very deep game. Besides the immediate turmoil, the battle of 100 people also requires knowledge to keep the royals alive and win.

1. Take the benefit of the training area before the game starts

As before each such game, all players must be invited to a kind of lobby, where you can collect some weapons and equipment, etc. to practice such shooting or building, which will make your game better. Can play if you are not sure about the controls; use this time to familiarize yourself?

2. At the beginning of each game, use your pickaxe on everything you can

Each such character in “Fortnite Battle Royale” must have an indivisible pickaxe, and you can destroy everything in the game with a bounce.

Make it a special target to collect special materials – wood, metal, or bricks that you used to build forts, ramps, walls, and defenses. The key to good defense at Fortnite Battle Royal is to gather material. From the trees to the boxes and the walls to the floor, the best players break.

3. Learn to build – The building is the key to your defense, and defense often means survival

This is very important for newcomers. Consider building the fastest unique buildings and ramps in a matter of seconds that can save your character if you get shot. Practice building to climb mountains and buildings faster. Keep practicing. This building is a brilliant example of your transportation at Fortnite, but it is also your best defense, plus you’ll find strewn and Med Kits on the island.

4. Your health is paramount – Prefer used items that restore your health and shield

Many items in the game can significantly restore your health or make killing difficult, your gameplay cannot be killed quickly. Shields in particular give you a much better chance of escaping this battle royal.

Bandages and Made Med Kits restore the health of your game player (the green bar at the very bottom of the screen), but only Med Kits can fully restore your game player’s health.

Shield positions and small shield positions (or “mini”) significantly restore your shield (blue bar at the top of the green bar), but only two shield positions can fully restore your athlete’s health.

It takes 15 seconds to use a Chug Jug, but it gives you complete health and protection.

Drinking Silver Juice will give you one health point per second and one shield point per second for 25 seconds.

5. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon

Snipers are a great way to fight enemies from afar, but terrible to fight from close range.

Shotguns are great when you have enemies around you, but you must be aggressive when using them. Try to jump ahead of an enemy to become a moving target.

Assault rifles are very good for extensive range but can be used close range if necessary. There are some areas. Others do not.

Submachine gun fires are very fast, but not bad at endless distances.

Pistols are good at medium distances, but fire can move very slowly in turbulent times.

Rocket launchers and grenade launchers are perfect for destroying enemy castles and buildings in one or two shots – and usually your opponents as well.

Crossbow has infinite bullets. But it is a crossbow. So beyond it is.

6. Learn each tool, and know when to use it

Now, this is Fortnite the best game in the world and Fortnite Battle Royale has several tools that can be used aggressively and defensively:

A grenade explodes a few seconds after being thrown at an enemy.

Throwing a boogie bomb will force enemies trapped in their backs to dance for a few seconds, causing them to attack you.

If you drop a Port-a-Fort grenade, a fortress will be built for you immediately. It can be used defensively, but also aggressively, as shown by Twitch Streamed Ninja.

Depending on the throwing angle, everything caught after a pulse grenade is blown up or thrown into the air. You can also use plus grenades to kill enemy players and cover a lot of land in a quick time.

If you’re still used to controlling your best game, first practice shooting and building the best building when you know you’re safe and alone before really trying to do these things in a firefight.

Take part in early and frequent firefights. Sometimes the best way to learn to control is to dive. Players are weakest at the beginning of the game. So this is your best chance to win aggressively and really.

7. Consider the rarity of everything in the game – As usual, you’ll want to grab the best of the rare, but there are exceptions

Sometimes in the game, you have to think about what you need in this particular kind of moment. For example, if you have poor health in your game and you stand between a cool looking rare weapon and a med-cut or shield medicine, you should use or store your player’s health items before considering the weapon.

Some lesser-known items are very good. Blue-tier pump guns, for example, do the most damage in the game and can generally hold on.

As this security zone of the map shrinks as you play the game, you should also familiarize yourself with the areas in the middle of the game map: these areas, such as the tilted towers, are in the best security zone during most of the time. Be the match game that gets the very best chance to stay.

The Best Budget Gaming Pc Build Under £500 In 2020

This custom £500 Gaming PC Build will play all your favourite games like Assassin’s Creed, Diablo III and other popular games without changing graphics settings. It will offer high-end graphics performance and a high level of performance for many of the popular games.

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If you do not feel like building your own computer, we have connected to a similarly inexpensive prefabricated gaming PC. It won’t have quite the same performance, but it will serve as an entry-level gaming PC for those who absolutely don’t want to build their own system. If you build your own computer or buy one of these prefabricated computers, forget about the best price for your money.

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Not all of us will be able to invest £2250 in a PC, and what I have just written is not very practical for some.

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Facts and Fiction About Roulette in 2020


Roulette, as one of the most popular casino games of all times, has a series of myths and beliefs tied to it. We won’t cover the different betting systems here – those are a separate breed of myth tied to this popular game, and deserve a separate article, or maybe even a series of articles. Or even a separate book, there are so many.

Well, this article does not cover the betting systems associated with Roulette, but the myths and superstitions tied to it. Let’s begin with the wheel.

All roulette wheels are different
Well, this is a myth that might have had its share of truth back in the day, when biased roulette wheels in real life casinos could be exploited by watchful players, but nowadays the strict standards of the gambling industry ensure the randomness of casino games, including roulette. In online casinos there can be no such thing as a biased wheel – the wheel in this environment is a graphical representation of the results of a random number generator software.

Spins are not random at all
Another myth busted, for the same reasons as above. Real life casino personnel is trained to be as fair as possible, while online roulette wheels are operated by certified random number generators that make sure the game is totally random.

You can beat roulette if you use a betting system
No, you can’t. The outcome of roulette is governed by only one thing: probability. Some bets have better odds (such as even / odd or red / black), others have worse (such as single or straight bets, or betting on zero), but the chances of each bet to be successful are the same at every table, at every casino, online or otherwise. No system can predict the outcome of the next spin.

No zero was spun all day, it’s due to come
Another myth – gambler’s fallacy, or the maturity of chances – determines players to bet on one number or another since the first introduction of roulette in the 17th century. Players tend to think that if a certain outcome has not been realized for a period of time, it is due to come shortly. This is another myth that’s not true: the randomness of the game assures that there is no influence a spin can have on future spins. This is another myth that has caused many players to lose important sums or go bankrupt at the roulette tables. Don’t fall for it.

Keep these in mind when you play roulette, and don’t have false expectations. Don’t fall for false myths and superstitions, but rely on your luck and your self control to avoid losing big.

Slots or Roulette? Which One is More Batter

Slots or Roulette

Slot machines and roulette are both great games, and are both considerably popular in offline and online casinos. Both games are driven by pure chance – the player can’t do anything to influence the outcome of the round. Both games have relatively low odds, but sometimes the question emerges: which one has the better? Which game one should play to have better chances of winning?

Although both games are considered very simple, the slots are much easier to play. On simple, classic slots – that usually have three wheels and a single pay line – the only decision a player must make is to play or not. On more elaborate machines the number of decisions increase slightly – how many coins to play, how many paylines to activate. Also, the chances of a winning combination are lower as the number of reels and symbols increases. This is in favor of the player by increasing the chances of a winning combination on any of these, but also means a disadvantage, as the amount of the maximum bet also increases. Roulette in turn always has the same odds – 38 to 1 for a single bet, 2 to 1 for an even-money bet.

Logic says that roulette has better odds, as the number of possible winning combinations is much lower when compared to slots. If slots have five reels, each with their own set of symbols – the number of possible permutations of these five symbols is high enough, in the order of hundreds of thousands. In roulette, in turn, the possible number of winning numbers is 37 (in case of European roulette) or 38 (in case of the double-zero, American standard wheel), and there are also bets that have really good odds (odd/even, red/black and so on), albeit these have accordingly low payouts. So, when it comes to the chances of winning the maximum amount possible, roulette beats slot machines by far.

Why are so many people playing slots then? Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all, playing slots is fun. Even if there is no real money involved, playing video slots is an entertaining activity, much more entertaining then playing video or online roulette. Although it has a lower chance of winning big, slots often offer smaller winnings to its players to keep them tied to the screen, and often also promise them a life-changing jackpot that is worth playing for.

Roulette also has its fans and enthusiasts, though, especially those playing in a real life casino environment. This game has a certain decadent noble flair associated with it, probably because casinos were reserved for the wealthy in the last century. Roulette is also more complex compared to slots, with several betting combinations and an increased chance of winning, that makes it more a ‘thinker’ than the slots.

Whichever your game of choice is, remember not to focus exclusively on winning – keep the fun in the game.

The Two Secrets of Playing Good Blackjack

Playing Good Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games, available in all online casinos – and offline casinos as well – all around the world. The secret of its popularity may be the fact that it has some really easy rules, and that players have an almost 50% chance of winning a round of blackjack.

Most beginners sit down to – or join, in case of an online casino – a blackjack table without the faintest idea of what this game is about and how you suppose to play it. Yes, the basic rules of the game are simple, but if you want to win, you have to know when to do what.

There are two secrets to becoming a good blackjack player. These two are ‘know when to hit or stand’ and ‘always be aware of the dealer’s upcard’. Let me explain.

Know when to hit or stand
Blackjack is mostly a game of chance, so it needs only a basic strategy. Most of the times the player can take just a few decisions: when to hit, when to stand, when to double and when to surrender. These decisions are influenced by the player’s own hand and the upcard the dealer is showing. Also, there is the thing called ‘splitting’, but that doesn’t occur that often…

Most of the decisions a player has to face are about hitting and standing. To take the correct decision, the player has to be aware of the value of his hand in the first place. If the hand has a low value, under 10, for instance, hitting is the action of choice. If the hand becomes ‘stiff’ – meaning that the right card can boost its value over 21, it’s the dealer’s upcard that has the most influence.

There are not so many possible variants – blackjack is a simple game, as I said before. There are lots of blackjack strategy guides with tables showing when to hit and when to stand. What’s important is to know this – know what you do before you do it.

Observe the dealer’s upcard carefully
The value of the player’s hand accounts for only half of the player’s decisions to make. The dealer’s hand accounts for the other half. Before making a decision or taking an action, you have the advantage to see one of the two cards the dealer has, and decide accordingly.

First of all, always assume the dealer has a downcard with a value of 10. If the dealer’s upcard has a low value, between 2 and 6, he will surely hit, thus increasing his chance to go bust. If the upcard has a high value, between 7 and 11 (ace), he can stand at any time – and usually will, if he can win with it.

Keeping these two in mind before starting to bet at the blackjack table can help you become a better blackjack player and avoid unnecessary losses.

Where to Find The Best Free Spin Casino Games in 2020

Spin Casino Games

Online casinos offer lots of different gaming experiences but one of the most popular categories has got to be the slots. Each slot game comes with its own story, great visuals and of course the chance to win some cash, but they are not all equal. One of the easiest ways to maximize your chance of winning is to concentrate on those casinos which offer fun slots with an impressive free spin feature.

Best Free Spin Casino Games in 2020

As there are so many possible options to search through we’ve put together this brief guide covering a few of the online casino sites worth looking at if you are interested in slots with free game options.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Online Slot

Play at the following casinos: Video Slots; Paddy Power; Ladbrokes; Genting; Bet 365; Casino Winner; William Hill and Casinocom.

Given the title, the horse racing theme won’t be a surprise, but the amazing range of bonuses on offer may be. Here we are looking at only one of those added extras – so watch out for three or more of the special Frankie Dettori Magic 7 symbols appearing across the reels at the same time as these trigger the free spins feature. To win you simply select a horse you think could win. If it does you land 35 free spins, if it places second you have 5 free spins to enjoy, and a not to be sniffed at 20 spins are yours for coming in third.

Deal Or No Deal: The Banker’s Riches

Play at the following casinos: Coral; Casinocom; Ladbrokes; PaddyPower.

Based on the mega-hit UK TV show ‘Deal or No Deal’ which sparked several international versions, this Endemol Games slot stays true to the original theme with some added extras for the online slot version. The amazing free spin opportunities come in the bonus rounds, named The Reel Banker Bonus and The Banker’s Best Offer Bonus. Take the former as an example – the free spins are unlocked by landing three or four reel banker symbols at the same time on any spot which is an active payline. These free spins are actually unlimited, and once triggered will continue until a banker icon appears on reel three! (Plus, anything you win during these spins is doubled in value – what a bargain.)

Age of the Gods Online Slot

Play at the following casinos:

Ladbrokes; MansionCasino; SuperCasino; Bet 365; Slots Heaven; CasinoCom and Coral

Step into the world of Ancient Greece and the ad of generous free casino bonuses where you can keep your winnings, as never mind the huge wins that regular spins can bring (think 1000x wager in the base game), or the progressive jackpot with jaw-dropping figures, if you can match at least three of the Age of the Gods symbols a screen stuffed with gold coins will appear, leading in turn to bonus games which combine free spins with multipliers and stacked wilds which will send your game into overdrive. This is one of those slots which just keeps on giving.