The First Official Game of Thrones Gaming Chairs are Fire

Game of Thrones fever is at an all-time high. With the 8th and final season just passing its 6-episode half-way mark, fans are devouring anything related to the popular franchise created by George R.R. Martin. Secretlab has partnered with HBO to bring the first official Game of Thrones gaming chairs and they are seriously cool.

The new and officially licensed from HBO Licensing & Retail Game of Thrones gaming chairs were created by award-winning gaming chair company, Secrelab.

On top of having an epic storyline, Game of Thrones’ aesthetics and art direction are both unprecedented and phenomenal. Our designers, being huge fans of its aesthetics, came up with a few GoT concepts that looked so amazing that we had to reach out for a collaboration involving our award-winning chairs. GoT fans can now watch the much-awaited Season 8, repping their favourite houses, while reclined on our ultra-comfortable chairs

There are three limited edition Game of Throne gaming chairs to honour the final season of the popular HBO show. Each of the chairs represents a Game of Thrones house, with the three most popular houses being honoured. House Stark, House Lannister, and House Targaryen each got their own Game of Thrones gaming chairs and will be available for Secretlab’s popular Secretlab TITATN and flagship Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair lines. Some of the standout features on these gaming chairs include a multi-tilt mechanism, four-directional armrests, Secretlab’s signature cold-cured foam as well as the Secretlab TITAN’s model-exclusive inbuilt, fully-adjustable lumbar support and the Secretlab OMGEA’s highly-acclaimed memory foam lumbar pillow.

Unfortunately, these new officially licensed gaming chairs from Secretlab won’t be easy to come by. The company is only releasing limited quantities of the chairs and in only a few regions, making them exclusively mouth-watering.