How Focus on Women’s Health & Education Can Help Save Girl Children

Image result for How Focus on Women’s Health & Education Can Help Save Girl ChildrenTwo areas where women face severe discrimination in India is healthcare and education. Tackling these issues on a small and large scale can have a huge positive impact on society and the plight of women in our nation.

The Importance Of Education

Women’s empowerment is crucial to improving the prospects of the girl child in India. One of the most effective ways to empower our girls is by providing them with the right tools and resources from a young age to set them up for the future. This can be done by giving them opportunities in education. By supporting organizations that strive to raise awareness and encourage education among women, more and more girl children in India will have the chance to go to school and college, offering them a host of social and economic opportunities. Education encourages a positive self-image and confidence, develops critical thinking, can provide financial independence and help break the vicious cycle of oppression of women in India by banishing archaic stereotypes and practices.

Women’s Health And The Community

It may not be widely recognized, but the health of women has a huge impact on an entire community as well as society and the nation. Lack of availability of proper health resources to women has educational, social and economic repercussions on a large scale. Within families and communities, poor health among women negatively affects the whole household, especially as women are often primary caregivers. Poor maternal health also puts babies at huge physical and mental disadvantages. Healthcare is also a big concern when it comes to girl infants and children, with their needs often not prioritized as compared to male children. Standard health procedures such as regular check-ups and timely immunization are critical to keeping babies healthy. Vaccinations are one of the most effective methods of removing the risks of children getting serious but preventable diseases such as Hepatitis B, measles and chickenpox.

Women’s empowerment and saving the girl child is only possible with gender equality and equal healthcare and educational prospects for all. In order for this to happen, we must open the dialogue on women’s rights and support positive change in every avenue possible.