Google India, NCERT Bring ‘Digital Citizenship And Safety’ Lessons To Schools

Google India, NCERT Bring 'Digital Citizenship And Safety' Lessons To Schools

Google has created a curriculum for teachers so that they can help students

“In an increasingly connected world, the Internet is fast emerging as a learning space for our students and it’s our responsibility as educators to provide them with a safe learning environment,” Amarendra Behera, Joint Director, CIET – NCERT, added.

The programme includes specific resources for kids and educators, enabling them with the tools they need to learn and educate themselves on Internet safety.

The syllabus for online safety presented in the curriculum will be systematically graded and has been divided into four overarching themes — Being Smart; Being Safe; Being a Digital Citizen and Being Future Ready.

The curriculum is structured to match the intellectual and curiosity needs of different age group of the children.

As they advance through their classes, they will be taught more advanced topics such as privacy, device management, intellectual property and reputation management.

On the occasion, Google also announced the winners of the third edition of its “Web Rangers” competition — an initiative that is designed to spread awareness about Internet safety and promote digital citizenship.