High power BMW X3 M under development

High power BMW X3 M under development

The M developed version of the next-gen X3 has been spied again. This high performance model will be based on the new CLAR architecture just like the standard crossover.

The good part is that the xDrive system will retain its fun character, sending most of its power to the rear axle, making the X3 the sportiest of its segment in terms of driving involvement. However, the bad side is that space inside won’t be tremendously improved – the transmission tunnel is still being used for the prop shaft.

As for the chassis, it’s expected to shed some serious weight due to both the new CLAR architecture but also extended CFRP usage. New on-board tech should see the X3 M become the leader of the segment in this regard, with a lot of new features coming in from the 7 Series flagship. For the X3 M we expect to see a wider, more aggressive body treatment and many of the parts from the current 425bhp M3/M4 line stuffed under the skin.

We don’t expect big changes in terms of the design though. One can notice the narrower front fascia with elongated shapes, stretched to the exterior of the SUV. Of course, this is still a pre-production model that is also heavily camouflaged but some details can be made out, such as the smaller air intakes.

The X3 M will compete against the likes of Audi SQ5 and the Jaguar F-Pace in the sporty crossover segment.