Oxford University selects Indian professor as First Global South Fellow

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Professor Rosinka Chaudhuri has become the first Global South Professor at Oxford, after the Oxford University made an announcement regarding the same.Director of Torch, Professor Elleke Boehmer said, “The Global South Fellowships have been set up at TORCH in collaboration with host departments and colleges to deepen and widen our understanding of the world beyond what used to be called the west or the Anglo-American world.”

Global South Fellowship

As per NDTV report, the Global South Fellowship, which is a new visiting professorship, is affiliated to The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and is a part of a larger aim to include more diversity in the curriculum at Oxford’s humanities departments.

She said that the aim is to introduce academics and students to new interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives on a wider spectrum of knowledge than what is currently the part of the University’s curriculum through the classes, interviews, and presentations given by the Global South Fellows.

She believes that this will not only increase diversity in all senses in research and teaching at Oxford but will also inspire other universities which have a curriculum as restricted as Oxford to follow suit.

Talking about the first Global South Fellow, Professor Elleke Boehmer said, “Professor Chaudhuri’s expertise speaks directly to these aims. Her knowledge and expertise are welcome at TORCH and are a timely contribution to work that is ongoing to make curriculums and conversations at Oxford more inclusive.”She is looking forward to joining the university as the Global South Fellow and sharing her ideas and perspectives on literature, history, postcolonialism, world literature, and translation studies.