Porsche 911 GT3 to be launched in India tomorrow

Porsche 911 GT3 to be launched in India tomorrow

Porsche India will officially launch the new-generation 911 GT3 tomorrow in India. The 991 911 GT3 has been priced at Rs 2.1 crores. The GT3 is the pinnacle of the German carmaker’s engineering, performance and luxury. And it is also offered with a true-blue manual transmission.

The all-new 911 GT3 is powered by a 4.0-litre six-cylinder boxer engine, up by the 3.8-litre in the previous generation GT3. The rear-mounted engine produces a whopping 500bhp of firepower and an impressive 540Nm of turning force. But the speciality of this new engine is that it can be revved all the way up to a jaw-breaking 9,000rpm. The India-spec GT3 can be had with either a six-speed manual or the Porsche’s seven-speed PDK automatic.

The GT3 wears a dynamic aero package compared to the standard 911. The wheels are massive centre-locking ones. The headlights and taillights carry the new LED signature. The highlight is, of course, a massive rear wing to hold the car down in place as you corner at neck-breaking speeds.

And unlike other hardcore 911s, the GT3 gets all the creature comforts like a leather and Alcantara trim package. You have a whole load of interior customisation options which vary on the lines of aluminium or carbon fibre at a significant extra cost. There is a large Bose touchscreen system with surround sound as well as climate control adding to the interior design.

In India, the 911 GT3 can only be matched by the new Mercedes-AMG GT R in terms of performance and price. You can read how they both fare against each other on paper over here. Like the other vehicles in the Porsche range in India, the GT3 too will arrive here via the CBU route.

And the prospective GT3 customers get a plethora of personalisation options. As we tried our hands on the Porsche configurator before the 911 arrives in the metal, you can read about how much it costs to configure a GT3 over here.