Say no to gadgets and try these indoor activities for kids

indoor activities

Being born in the hi-tech era, the love of gadgets is embedded in children. If your kids stick to their PSP, smartphones and I-pads, you need to make their life more interesting. Divert their minds from these gadgets by employing them in some fun activities at home. Here are some amazing indoor activities or games!

Decorating the garden

Gardening is an interesting activity to indulge in. It will not just teach your child the importance of plants and trees, but help them stay engaged in keeping the environment safe. Give them their own plant to take care of, water the existing plants and arrange them properly. This will make them caring towards the environment and introduce them to a new hobby as well.

Make the best out of the waste

Nothing can beat the fun of crafting. Get them some paints, crayons and scissors, along with newspapers, peels, scraps of cloth, etc, and it’ll mean hours of fun. Get the compete with each other on who makes the best creation out of waste.

indoor activities

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Building their dream home

The game of building blocks prepares engineers and architects of the future. Bring some advanced level building blocks for them. Ask them to build their dream house and baby room.

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Fun with board games

The markets are flooded with different types of board games, such as Maths Quiz, Scrabble, Brain Games, Life, Atlas, etc. Invite their friends to come over to play these fun games and exercise their brain.

Setting on a treasure hunt

To make it more fun, plan a treasure hunt in the backyard or even inside the home. Give them clues or place chits around the house and you’re set for this interesting game. Trust us, it will keep them away from their gadgets.

indoor activities

Source: Dreamstime

Play with the clay

Your little masters can create masterpieces with clay. Make sure it is organic clay, without any irritants. Ask them to make five fruits, five animals, five vegetables, their favourite cartoon character, etc, using the clay.

Rhyme time

If your child is too young to play board games or a treasure hunt, you can play their favourite rhyme on television. Babies find the visuals attractive and entertaining.

Colouring the books

We usually scold children for painting walls with their artwork. However, bring them some colouring books and reward them for their skills. Ask them to find their favourite character in the book and colour it.

Instead of handing over a gadget every time your child cries, parents can think of wiser options. Gadgets are harming their eyes, brain and productivity!