Six of the best home gadgets for renters: from hi-tech projectors to smart lighting, take it with you when you move


Sony V PL-VZ1000ES 

If you want a huge TV screen on your wall without having to hang a heavy television there, consider a projector. “Ultra short throw” models are best for short-term use because you can sit them very near the wall on a sideboard.

For example, this Sony, at about £19,450, can create a stunning 100-inch picture from just six inches away.

For more affordable models, from £999, try Richer Sounds. Visit and


Amazon Echo Dot

Add this small, affordable gizmo to any home set-up to give you voice control via Amazon Alexa.

You can search for information, play music, order shopping and more, with just your voice. Pair it with other devices and it suddenly lets you control a wide range of electricals around the home.

Priced £49.99. Visit



Ikea Smart Lighting

Philips Hue and others have given us smart colour change lighting for years. But when Ikea offers it on a shoestring, then it’s harder to refuse.

The Trådfri, Surte, Floalt and Jormlien ranges include dimmable bulbs, light panels, selectable colour temperature, motion sensors, wireless remotes — for up to 10 lights — and app control.

Prices start at just £9. Visit




Yamaha YSP-1600

For home cinema surround sound without cables, clutter, or the need to channel into plasterwork or lift floorboards to hide cables at

your rental home, get the YSP-1600.

A sound projector bar containing an array of small speakers, it bounces sound off walls and ceiling to create surround sound effects.

Priced £499.95 from



Carlo Ratti Lift-Bit

We’ve had smart electricals — but how about a smart sofa? This modular seating, showcased at Milan Design Week last month, is now available to pre-order.

Each stool-sized hexagon, priced about £357, is height-adjustable and the whole arrangement can be controlled via an app or by hand gestures.

You can turn it from a sofa to a bed to a chaise longue to a set of chairs. Visit




Nest Thermostat

Smart home thermostats connect to your boiler and let you control your home heating either from the thermostat itself, or from an app.

Some need expert installation but the Nest, priced £279, can be a do-it-yourself job if you’re a bit technically minded — there’s a step-by-step guide at It’s equally simple to remove when you’re ready to take it to your next home. Visit