Top four things we learnt about the Mercedes AMG GT R’s record breaking lap at the BIC

Top four things we learnt about the Mercedes AMG GT R’s record breaking lap at the BIC

In the world of motoring, holding the top lap record at a race track is always a special achievement for a manufacturer. It means that your machine has been able to maximise its use of the track’s racing line as well bring out its own maximum potential.

Well, Mercedes has managed to get itself not one but two records at India’s biggest race track, the Buddh International Circuit. Its first achievement was in 2013 when it took its then flagship, the SLS AMG around the track and achieved a time of 2.14.521.

Deciding to raise the stakes again, it decided to enter its recently launched AMG GT R in the record books. The car was put in the hands of AMG Driver and 2010 FIA GT3 European Champion, Christian Hohenadel and trounced the current lap record by over 3 seconds, setting it at 2.09.853!  During the launch of the AMG GT R, we decided to find out what it took to hustle a car around the circuit and break the production car lap time record. Here are some of our findings.

Stock car, stock tyres
The lap record was achieved with a stock car and running on 325/25 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres and 20-inch five spoke wheels. But stock is a relative term when it comes to this lap record as here it also includes a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 585bhp and 700Nm of torque.

Small things add up
There was never one moment or one point that defined the lap. It was a good performance at every corner and over the straights that added up to make the lap a record-breaking one. Christian here emphasised that the rear wheel steering assist and the nine stage traction control played a huge role in the lap.

Six laps in the right conditions
It took six laps for Christian in the right conditions to make his mark on the track. This comprised an in lap, out lap, two hot laps and two cool down laps as a part of his efforts. The right condition finally turned out to be a dry track post rains.

Secure at the limit
Christian said that at the limit, the AMG GT R felt quite secure and stable and this went a long way in achieving the record. He said that it was never a question of power, but rather how the car managed to put it down that gave him the confidence to push through and break the record