Here are the top used cars to go for right now

Most buyers often overlook this aspect while finalizing their new car.

Best used cars right now

Resale value is very important for buyers who are looking to replace their car few years down the line. Most buyers often overlook this aspect while finalizing their new car. Here’s a quick tip: Buy a car with the lowest form of depreciation. A car with a low depreciating value is easy to sell at a higher price considering the high demand. Resale value depends on various factors like face-lift and newer versions and waiting time for new models.

There are a lot of used car models on the market right now. Here are the models which have a high resale value.

Renault Kwid

The Kwid has a large number of followers and garners massive demand, both in the new car market and pre-owned segment. Major buyers include youngsters and first-time buyers who are willing to opt for a used Kwid and is one of the major reasons for its high resale value.

You can get a sparingly used 2017 Kwid for Rs 3.5 lakh, and a 2016 RXT model which has run for a measly 11,000 kms for as low as Rs 2,90,000. You can negotiate the rest.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

The hatchback from Maruti Suzuki has forever topped the charts in the new and used car market. The launch of the new generation has not affected its demand in the used car market at all. Instead, the six-week waiting may have some customers defecting to the used car market.

The Swift can be found in massive numbers on various used vehicles portals and physical markets. Depending on the model, anything between Rs 2.5-5.5 lakh is a good deal.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

No, we are not talking about Maruti Suzuki’s sedan, Baleno. Although, we do love that car a lot, considering the engine and build quality. The new Baleno is as of now the best selling premium hatchback in the country. Launched 2 years back, this model still has a massive waiting period of at least 3-4 weeks which is another reason why customers do not mind buying a used unit. Well, that’s if you find one.

Considering the ‘one’ posting we found, we would say anything around Rs 4-6 lakh, depending on the variant, is feasible.

Honda Amaze

Yes, Honda just launched an all-new Amaze at the recently concluded Auto Expo 2018, but we are talking about the old run-of-the-mill Amaze, with its mediocre looks, a peppy engine, and most importantly, a diesel model under the Honda banner was enough for Indian buyers. Value-for-money and after-sales service make it a good choice.

Resale value is high. Anywhere between Rs 4-5.5 lakh is a good deal.

Honda City

Of course, we remembered the City. The sedan from Honda already started winning hearts since the first gen was launched and has been consistent amidst other major players like the Ciaz, Verna, and the Vento. Buyers do not mind opting for a used model considering the build quality and after sales service from Honda is very reliable.

Resale value for the City anywhere between Rs 2.5-8.8 lakh is a good deal, depending on year of make, kms driven, and build quality status.

Toyota Altis

It’s a Toyota. Need we say more?

There are not many models out there other than the Corolla Altis first-gen which is good, but you will find examples which have run over 50-60,000 kms. The new-gen Altis is a hard car to find. Good luck finding a used model. If you actually do, pls write to us at [email protected]

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The Brezza has been a game changer for Maruti Suzuki after they discontinued the Vitara citing poor sales. However, the Brezza has been a major player in the compact SUV market and has a major following both in the used and new car market.

Used Brezza prices range anywhere between Rs 7-10 lakh.

Ford EcoSport

The compact SUV from Ford has been the American carmaker’s best seller. Used examples are still a good way to get a better car for your needs than some new ones. However, the new EcoSport facelift is out which means the pre-facelift demand will start decreasing rapidly. If you are not for the new facelift, you can indulge in the pre-facelift model which still gets the standard bells and whistles.

You can get good models ranging anywhere between 6.5-8 lakhs.

Tata Hexa

The Tata Hexa is a surprise here. But considering the high demand for the Hexa, and unavailability of pre-owned one, we would seem owners are happy with their purchase and are not wanting to sell off their purchase this soon.

Tata Hexa starts at Rs 11.85 lakh, ex-showroom. Pre-owned models cost anywhere between Rs 9.5-12 lakh, depending on the model, make, kms driven, and accessories.

Mahindra XUV500

Yes! We bet you have been waiting for this. The Mahindra’s full-size SUV is now mechanically updated with a host of cosmetic updates and a better-equipped cabin. Pre-owned XUVs are a hoot with good examples ranging anywhere between Rs 9.85-11 lakh.

Toyota Innova

This is a list of pre-owned cars and it would be blasphemous to omit the Innova, which has been the designated workhorse, clocking in thousands of kms without as much batting an eyelid. Need we say more, again?

Good examples can be found for Rs 6-9.5 lakh, depending on pre-facelift models or current Crysta models.

Toyota Fortuner

The Fortuner has taken its place at the premium SUV market and is still going strong as usual. With massive bodies and low running costs, buyers are more than satisfied.

Pre-facelift models can go for anywhere between 13-17 lakh, while post-facelift models will go for anywhere between Rs 25-30 lakh.

Anything we missed on this list, feel free to tell us in the comments below.