Twitch social gaming app refreshed with new icon and fresh coat of paint

Popular streaming platform Twitch has unveiled its new branding after working on the project over the last year. The Amazon-owned streaming platform for gamers now features a new logo, icon, font, color, and more.

Twitch announced the news in a blog post and press release today:

So the next step was clear. We needed to do the work to make everything we’ve created together even better so you can tell your stories to the world. That means a new approach to brand design. One that lets us step back so you can step up.

As Twitch notes, the new designs don’t change its branding too much but bring a fresh look to everything from its icon, logo, font, and color.

Our updated wordmark is designed using the DNA of our old logo, with bold, blocky letterforms that are strong, playful, and inspired by a retro gaming aesthetic.

Twitch highlights that it couldn’t modify its ‘Glitch’ icon too much since “it’s tattooed on people.”

We also updated Glitch. It’s still our shorthand way of saying ‘Twitch’ and a personification of who we are as a community, so we merely evolved its look. Any brand should worry about retaining some recognizability when updating, but, like, this is Glitch. It’s tattooed on people. We couldn’t change it too much.

As for the brighter purple color, Twitch says it lines up with the community’s ” creativity, mischievousness, and energy.”

Twitch is a free download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Check out more about the new Twitch branding on the company’s blog post.

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