Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson to build electric cars

Dyson Ltd. is a British company established by James Dyson in 1987 and known for its household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters and hair dryers. Now the company’s founder, Sir James Dyson, has officially disclosed his intentions of producing an all-electric car that will enter production in the UK by 2020.

This decision comes after UK’s National Infrastructure Delivery Plan’s decision to grant the company with funding for the development of new EV. The British inventor and industrial designer said that he was interested in the all-electric car back in 1998, but the industry wasn’t interested at that time. He also revealed that the electric project has been under development already for two and a half years.

The ambition of developing a new electric car will be a standalone effort. Since Dyson believes that their electric car project is quite radical, he sees nothing that existing car manufacturers could bring to the process. A whopping two billion pounds of investment has been allotted already. Of this sum, a billion pounds would be earmarked for developing the EVs and its infrastructure. While the other million pounds would go into making solid-state batteries which are believed to be more advanced than the traditional lithium-ion ones. Dyson is already employing 400 people for the project which, will now move to a new facility in Wiltshire county in South West England.

The industrialist-turned-carmaker has remained tightly lipped about further details of his first electric vehicle. But he assures us that the vehicles will be radical compared to the current crop of electric cars in the market. It won’t be an electric sports car, but it won’t be an affordable one either. However, no design or prototype has been produced yet.

When the actual electric cars roll out in 2020, Dyson expects the electric vehicles business to have become profitable enough to overtake his other businesses.